Club Trends: New Age of Club Technology

| Summer 2018 20 equation when caddies or marshals need to encourage golfers to speed up. It’s easy to show the player real-time data on the course map,” said Adamsick. “Our members actually are pleased to be accountable and the tags encourage self-regulation and self-awareness,” Adamsick explains. “It’s not a policing mechanism, but an investment we’re making to ensure our members are having a successful golf experience.” DATA-DRIVEN EFFICIENCY The Tagmarshal mapping allows staff to see where bottlenecks occur, what holes are the slowest, what times of day see the quickest or slowest rounds, and how long people spend in the halfway house. All of this data can be used to improve operations, staffing and overall course management. The data is broken out into a report containing data points and corresponding action points for any given time period. For example, Conway Farms ran a report tracking rounds from April 22 through July 31. The 1,274 rounds showed informa- tion on 3,949 players and yielded an average round time of three hours and 56 minutes and 51 seconds, which is below the target goal time. Among other things, the analysis looks at daily distribution by breaking down a week’s play by performance clusters compared to goal performance as well as tee time distribution by breaking down each day’s performance. Sunday is the slow- est pace day (30% materially slow) and Monday was the fastest pace day (11% materially slow). Additionally, on any given day, tee times between 11 a.m.-12 p.m. are the slowest (43% more than 10 minutes behind) and tee times before 8 a.m. are the fastest. The recommended action for Conway Farms is to consider optimizing staff efficiency by reallocating marshaling hours from faster, less busy days/tee times to where slow play is evident to ensure an improved experience at equal or reduced cost. “The data and statistics collected from Tagmarshall on pace of play prepares you for your board meeting,” said Todd Marsh, CCE, COO at Conway Farms Golf Club, noting the value of having a complete understanding of play on the course. PEACE OF MIND Optimizing staff at peak hours, confirming operational efficien- cies, and giving staff the data to manage the pace of play in a professional and objective manner are immediate benefits of using pace-of-play technology. Adamsick points out that there is also an element of security that comes with being able to track every group on the course. Within the first month of adopting Tagmarshal, he was away from the course at a family party when his weather alarm went off indicating lightning strikes were quickly closing in on the course. From the party, he was able to remotely locate golfers on the course map and monitor the carts as they swiftly brought all golfers to safety. “That peace of mind and the ability to quickly get members to safety in an emergency situation like that has been an immeasurable benefit of the Tagmarshal technology,” he noted.