Club Trends: New Age of Club Technology

| Summer 2018 18 WHAT MEMBERS CAN DO WITH THE APP Members can download the free app from the Apple or Google Play stores to receive vital club news and up-to-the-minute announce- ments and updates and manage their reserva- tions from the app. The club’s app and content are protected by member login. The app interface is designed with six main components: 1. The Club Calendar – A calendar of events provides a convenient way for members to register for them via the app. Any event on the SHCC website automatically appears in the app for member registration. 2. Tee Times – Members quickly book tee times that push through to the adminis- trator’s tee sheet and trigger confirmation emails. 3. Tennis – Members reserve courts, check availability and see the schedule. 4. Fitness Schedule – Members can stay on top of fitness offerings and reserve a spot in a class or time with a trainer. 5. Guest Arrival Form – Members can conveniently get this necessary administrative task accomplished from anywhere, prior to hosting guests. This is a popular feature that improves the member experience. 6. Member Directory – Members can connect with their fellow members through a quick, easy to use directory. One of the most beneficial aspects for club staff is the ability to send push notifications and reminders to members. These messages may announce an upcoming social event, but can also serve the members and club in more practical ways. Stallings recalls a busy, hot summer day shortly after launching the app when the pool’s pump had mechanical issues that necessitated it be closed to the members. She used the app to send a notification to members, alerting them prior to their arrival and mitigating on-site disappointment. Word spread quickly, and staff realized the power in communicating via the SHCC app. IMPLEMENTATION AND MEMBER USAGE The members were excited for the app and have embraced it, albeit with some predict- able patterns: Some demographics began using it immediately; other demographics simply needed to attend the orientation sessions and make a few reservations before they felt comfort- able; and yet others laud the ability to utilize the app and appreciate the notifications, but are still likely to pick up the phone to speak to a friendly staff member for certain things. Sidorakis and Stallings note that member education and exposure to the club’s technology is an ongoing process as members become comfortable with another avenue to engage with the club. More than 700 members use the app and they estimate that 40 percent of all reservations are made through the app. “We are really happy with the app. Our members appreciate the convenience and we are glad we can give them one more way to stay connected to the club and our commu- nity,” Sidorakis said.