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Membership Surveys

When a Club Needs to Know! 
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A membership survey is the essential first step in addressing any club challenge or controversial issue, be it clubhouse, strategic, financial, facility or operational in nature. A McMahon survey provides your club with the information that is necessary to understand the needs, concerns and expectations of your members. Our database of comparable results from the more than 1,200 membership surveys completed is unmatched in the club industry.

The McMahon research process, with its Value Boundary™ survey tool, assures consensus building that involves all members in focus groups, written surveys, web surveys, and information-gathering so total communication is achieved.

Contact Alison Duffy today for more information about Membership Surveys or to schedule a First Impressions Visit so we may tour your club and discuss your issues.

Value Boundary™ Analysis

Our Value Boundary™ Analysis visually correlates membership satisfaction with your club's offerings in regards to the relative importance of each offering. McMahon Group provides this analysis with every membership survey as part of our deliverables at the conclusion of the survey process.

The goal for all clubs is to have all you offerings above the Value Boundary™ Curve, especially those to the far right which are most important to members. Those below the Value Boundary™ Curve need improvement in satisfaction. Having all your offerings above the Curve contributes to management's success.