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First Impressions Visit

Our Way to Understand Your Club

There is no substitute for an in-person, First Impressions Visit by a club specialist.

McMahon Group offers your club our "First Impressions Visit" to learn, first-hand, about the issues facing your club and to meet you and your club's leadership. Our club specialist listens, tours facilities and collects information on all club aspects. He/she meets with your club's leadership to explain the current trends in the club industry, to provide an objective analysis of your club and to recommend solutions on important issues. Whether your club needs a survey, strategic plan, facility improvements, or just some common sense advice on a particular situation; our First Impressions Visit puts our club specialist at your service. With over 30 years of experience serving over 1,900 clubs, there is nothing McMahon Group has not faced when it comes to private clubs.

First Impressions Report
Within a week of our visit, we send our "First Impressions Report" which will contain an evaluation of the club's situation and provide recommended courses of action. McMahon Group does not charge a fee for this initial visit or for the follow-up report. We only ask to be reimbursed for our travel expenses.

Every great accomplishment starts with one small step. Let our "First Impressions Visit" be that initial step for your club in its quest for continued excellence.

We are offering clubs a free one-year subscription to Club Trends after we have made a First Impressions visit.



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Contact Alison Duffy at 
or 314.744.5040 to schedule your visit.