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Dining Enhancement

A Dining Enhancement Program Available to all Clubs

After assisting thousands of clubs with countless member surveys representing over one million members and spouses, we are finally able to address the most chronic issue facing clubs, dining. It's not that club dining is bad; it is just many times a missed opportunity. A missed opportunity to significantly drive "very high, member satisfaction". Our survey research shows that dining is almost always the most important club activity to members. This is why we are helping management and culinary teams address this with a nuts and bolts or should we say food and beverage approach.

We identify what members want and then help them achieve it. Sounds simple, but we know that some of the simplest things are the most difficult to achieve.

The McMahon Dining Enhancement Process
The process is done with the club's general manager, culinary team, F&B Committee (if available) and McMahon Group's dining consultant (hereafter referred to as the Dining Planning Team). The steps are:

  1. McMahon Group conducts a complimentary Dining First Impressions Visit to fully evaluate and understand existing conditions and operations.
  2. The general manager completes McMahon Group's Dining Audit and submits it to us for analysis.
  3. McMahon Group conducts an online Dining Satisfaction Survey on all aspects of the dining experience to gain member input.
  4. McMahon Group assists the Dining Planning Team to establish a Mission and Vision for the club's dining product and experience - who they are, what they provide, at what quality and value level.
  5. The Dining Planning Team communicates the Dining Enhancement Plan to the board for approval and then implement it.
  6. A follow-up review process is conducted to monitor the dining progress. McMahon Group's dining consultant remains on-call to assure goals are achieved.
Contact Alison Duffy at 314.744.5040 or to schedule your Dining First Impressions Visit so our club planning principal can visit your club, meet you and recommend how to best address your needs.
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We are pleased to announce that McMahon's Dining Enhancement Program is being spearheaded by a true dining leader from the club management ranks.

Richard Lareau, CCM, CCE, ECM with his thirty years of culinary and management experience is one of the real foodies in the club industry. He will be working with McMahon's consulting team to assist in making every clubs dining offering a "members favorite".